About RWE Renewables

One of the nation’s largest renewable energy companies, and one of the world’s largest all-of-the above energy companies, RWE has built and operates 23 wind farms across the U.S., including the Wildcat Wind farm in Indiana, keeping more than 2,200 turbines spinning to generate low-cost, homegrown electricity.

With its North American headquarters in Chicago, RWE Renewables has invested over $7 billion in communities across the U.S. and more than $1 billion throughout the Midwest.

RWE Renewables began working with the Tri-State community in 2016 to explore bringing the benefits of a wind project to the area, and found strong support from local landowners. In the years since, we have remained committed to making a project in Gibson and Posey Counties a reality.

An owner-operator for nearly all of its projects, RWE Renewables has developed a reputation for being a committed, engaged, and honest community partner and we hope to be able to do the same for Gibson and Posey Counties.

RWE’s Wildcat project was completed in 2012 in Tipton and Madison Counties. Its 112 GE 1.6 megawatt turbines produce 200 MW of power and have generated millions in revenue and landowner payments for the area, helping to sustain the local economy.